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The Fortescue Anglers Association is a non-profit all volunteer organization.
To contact the Fortescue Anglers please send an email to info@fortescueanglers.org

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  President: Linda Waterman
Phone: 856-447-3633
Email: namretaw@comcast.net
Vice President: Ron Nachmann
Phone: (215) 292-1914
Email: rknachmann@gmail.com
  Secretary: Lew Katzmar
Phone:  856-455-4053
Email: shrink1i@aol.com
Treasurer:  Ken McHugh
Phone:  856-701-6191
Email: kenmchugh@contactems.com
Committee Chairs
  Events & Activities
Debbie Duffield
Phone: 856-381-5144
Email: avismill@netzero.net

Fishing Committee
Bill Messick
Phone: 856-498-2410
Email: williammessick0076@gmail.com

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